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  • September 19, 2007

www.emailicon.orgDo you want to prevent spam bots from finding your e-mail address? Emailicon gives you the easiest and fastest way to do it. Spam bots, also known as e-mail harvesters, e-mail address harvesters, crawlers or spiders, are quite probably the most annoying manner in which spammers collect e-mail addresses of innocent people.

If you want to avoid being their next victim, you should log in to get Emailicon’s free image signatures so you never need to put an e-mail address directly on your webpage. This website is different form other e-mail icon sites because they offer eye pleasing graphical icons rather than the plain old white box. You can register just by typing your username in the proper boxes available in this site, place the provided code on your webpage and you’ll be instantly hosted. If your e-mail provider is not in their list (which includes Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, msn and aol), you only need to go to the end of the page where you’ll be able to create any e-mail address signature. There’re also many links to other applications such as uZoogle, free games, a Free Reminder Calendar Alerts and more. Calendar Alerts is a very useful free service which offers a unique way to keep track of future events, important dates and projects. It easy becomes your online organizer by automatically emailing your special events at your nominated time. It’s a monthly, quarterly or yearly billing reminder system for all accounts and a personal diary that can be accessed globally at any time.

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