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More – Image Hosting & Sharing For Social Adepts

  • July 20, 2009

Imj.twI have noticed that some services which aim to bring Twitter and Facebook closer have started materializing. The latest that I reviewed (jut last week) went by the name of SavorChat.

Now another one has come around, and it lets Twitter and Facebook users host their images and share them easily among themselves.

As well as sharing files, these can be obviously modified. The user can easily edit titles and also add or remove descriptions as he sees fit. Privacy settings are also accounted for, as it is only natural.

There is a file limit at play, but is a reasonable one (up to 10 MB per photograph). Besides, a functionality for taking care of multiple uploads is included, but you will always have to comply with the size limitation per picture that was just mentioned. There are, however, no limitation to the number of actual photos you can host, and that is a good thing on anybody’s books.

Summing up, a practical service which is made all the more appealing by the fact that it is free. If you are caught on the social web, it has what it takes to keep you up all though the early hours.

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More – More Than Image Sharing

  • October 9, 2008 is an image sharing site for humorous pictures with an interactive and hilarious twist – caption voting.

Visitors vote on or suggest new Kaptions for each image. The most clever, funniest, or just plain best Kaption is displayed prominently under each image, and in several places on the site. Registered users contribute images and create what are known as ‘Kaption Kontests.’ Each Kontest includes a funny image and several user submitted Kaptions. Users have the option of voting for a caption, or suggesting an alternate. These are then displayed in the order of their popularity. Stats are kept and each user is able to review the popularity of their Kaption submissions, image uploads, and more. Image sharing is one of the most popular things to do online, and Kaptions adds a clever and unique twist, by turning a passive activity- viewing into an interactive activity. In addition has tie-ins to many social networks and tools including Digg, Facebook, and Twitter. This lets users promote their new Kontests and drive traffic to the site, shortening the ‘feedback loop’ users experience after uploading a new image.

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More – Easy Image Storage and Sharing

  • July 11, 2008

Fumpr.comFumpr is a simple and easy-to-use web-based image storing application. Simply go to Fumpr.

com, and you are presented with an “upload” button. Find the file that you’d like to upload from your desktop, upload it, and you will receive a link to the image which you can share with others or save for future viewing. You can upload images with a size of up to 7.5mb, which should be more than enough for any of your photos. If you are looking for a way of uploading your images without having to register or download anything, Fumpr is a great option which does everything it promises without complicating things with too many extra options.

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More – Free Image Hosting and Sharing

  • June 1, 2008

overpic.netIf you are looking for a quick and easy way of storing all of your images in one place and being able to share them in seconds, Overpic might be just what the doctor ordered. Overpic offers unlimited uploads and it is completely free, allowing you to centralize your images in one place.

Each image you upload is stored on the site and you are provided with a unique URL for each photo that you can cut and paste anywhere for quick sharing with friends and family. You no longer have to point people to a specific page to check out your photos, rather, you can paste your photo links into an email, on your website, or anywhere else you like.

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