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  • February 6, 2008 is the website of a photo agency in where you can find an amazing online image collection.

The website has a very nice design with very high quality photography’s. In the Home Page you will find a big random image box in where show you the top quality of the image and the presentation, in each image you can click on it to view the details and the prices on different sizes. Also a searching image box, will help you to find what you want. The prices start almost everything from $99.95 USD but depend on the image. All images have a watermark so it’s not possible to save it in your PC without purchasing the image, to do that you must be signed as a member. The registration is for free and gets you accesses to; 20% Discount on your first purchase, Unwatermarked image views, Ongoing discounts, prizes and special offers, Access to powerful Lightboxes, Custom research and other benefits. Once you select and image to the shopping cart you will have your unwatermaked image with a Download Dock web page.

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