More – Supporting Teachers Everywhere

  • December 26, 2009

iLoveSchools.comQuite a laudable initiative, iLoveSchools is a resource that will let anybody offer his support to teachers all over the United States. We could say that the site works by matching school teachers with donors that can be either individuals, groups or corporations.

The donor chooses the classroom and then sets down the actual value of the donation. When doing so, the donor specifies the amount of the donation that will be used to cover iLoveSchools’ administrative costs. Donations can also take the shape of specific items such as furniture or equipment. You can actually see what is each teacher needs or wants by having a look at the wishlists that are provided in the corresponding part of the website.

The objective of this site, then, is providing teachers with the necessary encouragement to strengthen the love for teaching that is within their hearts, and give them the resources for instilling a love for learning within their young students. As I said at the beginning, it is a very noble site and one that deserves to do well. I hope they manage to gain some traction, as education is the most valuable asset of each and every human community.

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