More – Saying What You Love In Others

  • August 13, 2010

ILovePeopleWho.comThe premise of this site is as simple as it gets: it presents people with an online wall in which anybody can post what he wants in order to complete the phrase “I love people who…”. Featured entries include everything from “I love people who love me”, “I love people who dream awake” and “I love people who are passionate single-mindedly obsessive about something in life”.

Entries are anonymous, and the only data you get about the people who make them is the actual country of origin of the person who makes each. And the content is not really curated in any way, so that don’t be surprised if you come across something like “I love you Cindy” among the entries.

This is the typical site that people look at once and never bothers to check back again. I can think of a lot of ways in which the site could be improved. The main would be reworking the posting mechanism itself and adding some social capabilities to it all, and let people not only vote on what is featured but also share it. And the inclusion of some media as part of the featured entries could also help a lot.

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