More – Medical Breaktroughs

  • May 5, 2008

Ivanhoe.comSo you been trying to find a place where you could be able to get medical information, tips and else which you could trust. Well, if that´s the case then you must take a few minutes of your day and pay a visit to this great site because here at Ivanhoe.

com you will find everything you are looking for. So get online today, what are you waiting for; do it now and check out this great site so you will see what we are talking about. So if you want to have an open bridge of information between you and your health matters then you should really try out this great site because there you will find that kind of information. So just get online today and start learning all there is to know about this matter. Seek no more for any other bogus site and check out today.

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More – Help Your Pet And Also Your Work

  • April 21, 2008

PfizerAH.comIf you are an pet lover, then you will be interested in taking a look at the content of this website. PfizerAH.

com will be useful in different ways. If your dear cat or your friendly dog is ill, you can find solutions in order to cure him, with a vaccine or with a remedy to his disease. If you are a farmer, you must vaccinate your animals to get them healthy and to improve your future products quality. You will find all vaccines and remedies classified into categories so that you could find the solution more quickly by only typing the kind of animal you need a solution for, and then a variety of vaccines will appear. Also, you will be able to inform yourself about new diseases and new vaccines for each illness. The website includes Job Opportunities for several countries. You know that Pfizer is a real known brand on its area around the world.

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More – Information On Illness Prevention

  • April 19, 2008

Preventdisease.comIn this day and age health is becoming more of an issue than ever. We all strive to stay fit and healthy, but for some people it is easier than others.

With the advances in modern medicine and science helping us understand more out our bodies and how they work, prevention is as much a part of modern medical practice as the administration of medication. is a web site that has dedicated its self to purposefully informing the public about preventative techniques and how best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The site is full of different news stories about different preventative measures that you can take. The pages are easy to navigate with subjects split into seven major categories, and then each category leads you to more information. The site has two very useful features incorporated in to it. The first being the “calculate your health” function, and the second being an “ask the experts” option.

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More – Applied Ozone Systems

  • April 18, 2008

Appliedozone.comIn case you are looking for information about ozone generators, you can visit this site. features information about the O3 generator system, and its application to health issues. The O3 ozone generator can be used for colon therapy, including colonic irrigations and colonic hydrotherapy.

On you will find information about the O3 generator system for colon cleanse and colon therapies. If you want to learn about detoxify systems with ozone, and find information about commercial air purifier systems, Applied Ozone Systems can be a useful site to visit. Moreover, this site contains data about oxygen colonic cleanse and colonic irrigations.

You just need to stop by to find information about ozone generator systems. In addition, this site contains data regarding health issues, including colonic hydrotherapy and oxygen colon cleanse therapy. Information about the O3 generator system and other detoxify systems can also be found on this site.

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More – Psychological Illnesses

  • April 8, 2008

CounsellingResource.comNowadays most people suffer from depression or at least they know someone who does. Everyday people is more attentive to this problem since it has led to suicide to several people.

This illness is very common today and lots of people suffer it. More than a half of depressive people don’t know that they are under this illness effects, but for a psychologist is very easy to detect in their patients. is entirely dedicated to psychological illnesses and the treatment of them. You can get special medicines for your illness. You can also complete a test, to know if you really have a psychological illness and to identify which type of them. Therapy online is up to you too. Sometimes it’s not easy to accept that you suffer psychological damages, but that’s the first step to help yourself.

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More – N’al Medical Society’s Library

  • April 7, 2008

CcsPublishing.comAn online medical reference library, is the gateway for the Library of the National Medical Society Library, a resource aimed mainly for healthcare professionals and doctors where they’ll have access to a huge collection of textbooks and medical reference material, though they need to create an account and pay a yearly subscription fee.

This site also has a medical diagnosis tool which allows users to input information on symptoms, discomforts and other problems, and the system automatically figures out what could be wrong with the person, and provides treatment suggestions, though you also need to be a member of the library in order to access the results, which seems like a really sensible thing to do in order to stop self-medication. Even if doctors don’t use the system to get a diagnosis, the questionnaires available from the site will prove definitely very useful as they will draw attention of the physician to critical areas or spots they might have missed. The site is extremely simple to use, and all diseases, conditions and health problems are listed in alphabetical order, though it would seem sensible to have some form of thematic order as well. Maybe the tag cloud form could work for this system?

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More – Healthy Eating

  • April 7, 2008 healthy foods can be tougher than it actually looks, as meals tend to be quite unsavory, to put it charitably. So, if you feel like practicing your Spanish abilities while discovering exciting dishes visit this site, home for an Argentina-based nutrition institution, to find a huge collection of recipes sorted out into different diseases and conditions, so you can cook stuff that you can be sure to eat without having problems later.

Also interesting about this site is that it presents a variety of regional and international recipes so you can surprise your guests with unexpected healthy treats. The stress in this site is really more on nutrition rather than cooking or gourmet food, so it will probably build up as a resource for professionals in the healthcare area, as they can also find a variety of paid online education programs. If you usually take vitamins and supplements to stay healthy, can help you find natural and herbal products while providing extensive medical information and scientific studies on them, so you can double check what you read somewhere else.

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More – Teeth: Find Out Useful Advices

  • April 7, 2008

SimpleStepsDental.comMost people dream to get older healthier and with a smart appearance. People often spend lots on money in dentists hoping they could preserve their natural teeth, always thinking they’ll never use false teeth.

Sometimes to have one less tooth could be critical to reduce the possibilities to get a job. It’s clear that nowadays presence is a decisive requirement for some jobs. is a non-profit site, contrary to the majority of websites on the internet. This page is completely dedicated to the prevention of dental illness. It gives you advices not only to prevent dental illness, also to treat it properly. You can read articles about the how tobacco affect teeth even you aren’t a compulsive smoker. It talks about not very known but real illnesses like Oral Cancer, which could be catch as a result of smoking tobacco. The Treatment’s section shows to the public many types of them depending on the illness. Find out how to take care of you teeth.

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More – Continuum Health Partners

  • April 5, 2008

Wehealny.orgHow are you feeling today? If not so good and decided to search for some help, consider taking a look at this site, home for a group of 5 hospitals in the Manhattan and Brooklyn area, where you can learn about healthcare plans, read statistics for patient care, operation and professionals working for Beth Israel Medical Center, Roosevelt Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital, Long Island College Hospital and The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.

For patients who are looking for a specific doctor to take care of their health, probably the best way to go is the ‘Find a Doctor’ tool, where you can search the directory for professionals in certain specialty, hospital, area and even by the insurance companies they work for, which is a functionality most doctor search engines strikingly don’t feature. also hosts a variety of patient-friendly information on research project highlights, advances in the treatment for critical and chronic conditions, plus a brief medical encyclopedia which can help you better understand why your health problems happen, and what your steps to recovery should be, and thus this site helps not only the patients of Continuum Health, but becomes a good source for trusted medical information for a broad audience. I was very keen to find a detailed section covering the policies Continuum Health Partners supports in regards to uninsured patients and charity healthcare, which is a bit of information one generally can’t find in healthcare sites.

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More – Your Health In Professional Hands

  • March 1, 2008 is the official site of Emory Healthcare, a clinic which aims to brilliant patient care, educate health professionals and conducts various research in the area of illnesses’ and health.

You will find in this website a list of all the facilities they have, as well as get informed about the different. The site also includes a patient guide for you to get informed about Emory as an institution, steps to follow if you want to visit them, FAQ’s, maps and parking tips and much more. They have a health library where you can browse through an enormous collection of medical information obtained from the National Library of Medicine or tips in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check it out at!

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More – Medical services

  • February 2, 2008 connects healthcare professionals and patients to tomorrow’s medical knowledge and provides the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries with highly targeted interactive marketing, education, content, and research solutions; also the website is based on WEB 2.

0 because you can interact with the website. With a nice website design and very complete healthcare information, this website seems to be the next level of the medical services. Here patients, healthcare professionals and pharmacists can interact between themselves. You can be a register user which grants free access to Top Daily Medical News in your specialty as well as an e-filing cabinet, resource directories, your specialty portal, advanced search engine, and more! Maybe in the future these will be the next method to visit a hospital.

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More – A Medical Site For the Indian Community

  • January 22, 2008

meraMD.comMeraMD is a medical site for India. meraMD has many different tools that users can take advantage of.

You can search for a doctor or clinic by choosing one of the listed Indian cities and then typing in his/her name or choosing a specialization. Once you have performed your search a list of results will appear and you can choose one and get general information such as their name, telephone number, address, qualifications, etc… You can also look up information on illnesses and conditions and find articles which address the topic. There are health tools as well that help you determine symptoms and Body Mass Index. Three is also a store that sells medical devices. meraMD provides its site’s services for free and makes its money through advertising and selling medical products and services. meraMD is a great medical site for the Indian community.

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More – Get Support

  • December 17, 2007 is a social network which strives to help people overcome health and life challenges through advice and friendly support.

Featuring over 500 discussion groups that deal with problems grouped intro three larger areas: mental health, physical health and personal challenges that deal with breast cancer, depression, cystic fibrosis, divorce, infertility, parenting and more, all of life’s rough patches can be talked over this table with other anonymous users that are experiencing, have experienced or have a close one dealing with any of this stuff. In the site users will also be able to find detailed information on treatments and symptoms plus professional and reliable advice. Although it is true that such a burst of optimism might be a bit corny to some, it can be the kind of support and motivation that some do need in order to keep going. More traditional social networking areas of the site include the creation and keeping of a life journal which can be shared with other users.

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More – Psychiatry & Psychology data

  • December 4, 2007

Psychcentral.comThis site is an integral site offering mental health and psychology resources both for patients and professionals. In it you will be able to find articles, essays, a blog, support forums, Ask the Therapist, chats, website reviews, frequently asked questions, news, book reviews, and links to clinical trials findings. presents an interactive and right-to-the-spot outlook, and in that way meets its audience needs, for instance: the homepage displays attractive links like: “Coping with the Holidays: The Only Guide You’ll Need to Make it Through the Holiday Seasons!” and taking a look at the content in the link you will find ten-step plans to avoid anger, or to take the stress out of traveling: just practical advice designed by professionals to help you cope with times of anxiety or pain. The idea, of course, is not to replace therapy or counseling, rather to encourage a more responsible selection of the professional that’s right for you, and in a way also to help him/her do his job, because if you have researched the drug that’s been prescribed for you and you find some side effect or long-term danger, you might point it out to your doctor to try and figure out a solution together.

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More – Medical web hosting

  • December 1, 2007 is a company mainly dealing with developing and hosting all sorts of medical pages, as in sites for individual doctor’s practices and research resources both for doctors and patients.

The idea behind the company is to provide a background of reliability of the information displayed, as it is developed by certified professionals. There are three main areas in the site: a listing of doctors and healthcare professionals, educational resources for patients and proper web development for medical needs. The site hosts a large index of condition-specific sites which offer easy-to-understand information to allow patients to make informed decisions, and practitioners to learn about the latest advances of medical science and technology of the most diverse specialties: pain, oncology, podiatry, nutrition, allergy, etc. All of this information is available for free, as the site (and this is an important element) is funded not by private institutions or drug companies, but from the revenues of web developing.

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Xoova – Find a good doctor for you and your family

  • September 4, 2007, previously DoctorsDirect.

com is a basic search engine to find doctors and specialists in the USA. This is a free service that lets users search for a doctor by location and then by specialist, treatment/condition, name or by health plan. There are over 500,000 physicians with information on Xoova and some have profiles that are very in depth. All profiles include the doctor’s field, location, and contact information to easily schedule appointments or get in touch. When searching by treatment/condition (medical term or common name), Xoova provides an overview of the specific item searched in case the patient is not yet acquainted with the details. Similarly, there are descriptions of the types of doctors and specialists and what they do. The company estimates that 20,000 of the doctors have been posting recently. The posts are educational and personal, as some of the doctors really let site users get to know them in a few paragraphs telling about their lives and their journey as a medical care provider.

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