More – Be Who You Want Online

  • August 8, 2011

WWID.netWWID is a provider of identities on the Internet. By using this service, people can connect with the rest of the world in a way that reveals as much of themselves as they really want. Users are allowed to create as many identities as they wish, and focus on areas such as their professions and interest. And if they want, users can remain completely anonymous while interacting with others.

In this way, they can share their every thought and carry on conversations without people who have nothing to do with what is being discussed becoming involved at all.

And the way this is handled is really simple, as a single login lets users manage all their IDs at once.

Plus, WWID can also be used in order to shield inboxes from unwanted emails. That can be done by diverting messages to one’s WWID email address, and keep the kind of emails that come with signing up for some services right out of the picture.

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More – Recover Your Items If They Get Lost

  • June 8, 2011

TurlyTag.comTurlyTag is a really interesting system that basically lets you take every step you could possibly take to ensure that your most treasured possessions will be returned to you in the event you have lost them, and someone else has found them. In essence, TurlyTag is an ID system that lets anybody apply a unique code to these items that he values. These are generated using the provided tool, and once they have been created they can be printed and stuck on just anything – a bag, a bicycle, a notepad, even a set of keys. It is all identifiable and trackable using TurlyTag. And the idea is that when other people find the item that has become lost, then by merely having the code scanned they will get to know everything about its rightful owner.

As the creators of TurlyTag themselves point on the site, there is really no way to stop thieves from stealing. Yet, a system like TurlyTag enables people that always wish to do the right thing to do it more easily. Anything that has been tagged using TurlyTag is going to come back to its original owner, there is just no doubt about it whatsoever.

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More – Discover Who Calls You

  • May 16, 2011

TrueCaller.comTrueCaller is a really excellent tool that is here to put an end to the activity of anonymous callers. What this new mobile app does is to gather the information on yellow- and white-pages from all over the world together, and (in the event the person who is calling you is not already on your contact list) let you know exactly who he/she is by looking there. So, the identity of virtually every caller will become known to you before you even answer. If the one who is tying to get to you is a salesperson or marketer, you will know about it all right away, ignore the call and have that number filtered out from then on.

And when it comes to your already-existing friends, then TrueCaller can look at their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and see what they are currently doing. In that sense, TrueCaller is an app that can give context to any call you receive

Besides, TrueCaller can take care of updating your every phonebook contact and notify you when any friend of yours has changed his address.

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More – A Portable Social Identity

  • April 12, 2009

DandyID.orgThere is a song by American Music Club that goes “I hope you remember who you are”. Were they addressing the many of us who are part of the social web and use an umpteen services at the same time? Of course not, but the question can be asked to any average web socialite, and the results will be quite interesting.

The DandyID site is there to give everybody a helping hand. Basically, it is a service that can be employed to collect and manage your online identity as a whole. It lets you gather together the different fragments of your online persona that are scattered over the web and share the ones that you want to share.

To begin with, those who sign up for the service receive a single profile that will appear on any DandyID-enabled website. Should you modify anything, a single update will be reflected by all these profiles which are powered by Dandy-ID.

Likewise, the service gives you the chance to access a centralized contact list, and get in touch with your friends on the services that you all have in common.

As you can see, this is quite a practical service that covers a palpable need in today’s digital world. If you are fed up with trying to lead an organized social life on the web and can’t owing to the number of services you employ, this site might be your ticket to better things.

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More – Have A Portable Web Identity

  • March 26, 2009

urFooz.comLaunched in September 2008, urFooz is a service that intends to let anybody share and access his social information from anywhere. That is, it is a portable ID that lets people expand their user information across the most popular social networking services as of now like Facebook, MySpace and Xanga.

The site includes a creator that lets you choose your gender and configure your outlook, so that if you want to look like a Mod you can do it. You can also dress like your favorite Anime character or screen persona like Hannah Montana. Each character is named a “Fooz”, incidentally, and the site includes a control panel under the “Fooz World” heading. This panel lets you not only view and manage your profile but also discover new content easily.

Other aspect that merits mentioning is a shopping mall that goes by the apt name of Fooz Mall, and that lets you buy items the social way. Also, note that support for mobile devices is forthcoming. That is certainly something worth looking for, and something that could make the site pack even more of a punch. Watch this space for further developments.

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More – Online Identity Verification

  • July 17, 2008

RelyID.comWhen you have a successful business you may be victim of several frauds. One of the, unfortunately, most popular ways to harm your business is the identification theft.

It is happening more than it should be and business owners, as well as individuals can be victims of that crime. For you to be sure of who you are dealing with, there is No matter what your needs are; from business transactions to meeting friends online, you will be able to take advantage of services. On the site you will be able to read more about what this innovative service is all about. On the left side of the home page you will be able to find the most important links that will help you explore the site. You will be able to check out the Product section and learn more about it. You will also be able to take a look at the News Room or the Technology page. Check out for more info.

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More – Find High Quality Fake ID Cards

  • June 23, 2008

Theidshop.comThe ID Shop is a company that produces fake identity cards for novelty purposes. These come complete with additional security options such as holograms and magnetic strips, making them virtually foolproof.

In order to order a fake ID from the company, a number of steps should be complied with. First, the interested party has to browse through the available collection of identity cards on offer. These include fake IDs from all the States that make up the Union. In second place, the information on the ID has to be specified. This includes ID number and personal particulars such as first and last name. Moreover, the customer can request that a hologram be added. Once this has been done, the picture of the holder must be uploaded, along with his signature. In last place, the payment method must be chosen from the available options, after a preview of the ID card has been displayed and approved of by the individual.

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More – The New ID Card Info

  • May 21, 2008

Realnightmare.orgThe Real ID Act is a federal identity card that every American will need in order to enter government buildings, create bank accounts, and more. According to the people who created Realnightmare.

org, it does nothing to combat social issues, and increases the exposure to ID theft. The ID theft has been one of the most feared crimes for most American citizens. They were always scared of providing with their social security numbers, now they will have another ID which doesn’t seem to be as secure as they would like. The Real ID card will be a standardized national driver’s licenses ID system, which will also a nightmare for state governments, not useful against terrorism, and will also mean higher fees and long lines. is a web site that provides Americans who want to know what this new ID system is about with information. There are opposition voices for you to read, resources and tools, and more. Visit to know what this issue is about.

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More – any model any network mobile phone as ID, credit/debit card/money, tickets, secure anonymous payments

  • February 25, 2008

We enable users of any mobile phone to use their mobile:
as an ID card,
for out of band authentication for internet logon,
for out of band authentication of ID and transaction authentication online,
in-store transaction authorisation/authentication.
as transport tickets,
for payment of parking,
to make secure anonymous payment on the internet,
as an anonymous credit/debit and stored value ‘card’.

ID authentication for physical access control.
Duress signaling capability – ie stick-up at ATM – use alternate response and money still comes out, but police notified in seconds.

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More – Organize your Online IDs

  • September 11, 2007

Simplifid.comDo you have a zillion addresses for your emails, your blog, MySpace, Flickr, Yahoo Messenger, etc. that is impossible for you or anyone to keep up with? Most of us do, and Simplifid aims to help us organize those IDs.

You simply categorize your different profile names depending on their purpose (such as an ID for friends, family, business, etc) and then you can share those identies to those groups as appropriate. For example, you may only want certain people to know your IM, MySpace or personal email…so you would create a category for that group and send them the link to those addresses. The same for your other groups. This helps you control and organize how people view you on the web.

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More – Create a Virtual, Animated ID

  • June 3, 2007

Meez.comCreating your identity was only hard in high school. At Meez, making a 3-D indentity is much easier.

Represent yourself anywhere online with a personalized virtual ID, online is supposed to be about having fun and expressing yourself, and that´s what Meez aims to deliver. Select a skin tone, add your rockin ‘do, choose outfits and accessories, choose your ultimate location. You can also animate these avatars, make them play an instrument or ride a harley, chill out on the sofa. You can now bring this image with you wherever you go on the internet, anywhere that accepts digital images. This means you can put it on IM messenger, your social networking profile or blog, anywhere you want to be represented.

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More – The Only ID You´ll Ever Need

  • March 5, 2007 is the official website of Carolyn’s Blooming Creations, a business based in Louisville, Kentucky providing creative ideas and art projects for people to create their own art pieces. On this site, Carolyn And Tommy Braden share their creative projects on painting, writing, fashion, home decor and other arts, with everyone.

On this site you will find information about Carolyn and Tommy’s current projects, including painting, writing and fashion projects, as well as home decor, renovation and modeling projects among others. What is more, includes a portfolio of creative ideas and art projects, including art projects, cake projects and some other crafty ideas.

Are you looking for creative ideas to decorate a birthday cake? Would you like to check a portfolio of creative projects and creative ideas on painting, writing and home decor among other arts? If that is your case, might be a good option to keep in mind.

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