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Top Social Media Apps For Mac

Top Social Media Apps For Mac

Seven cool (and free!) social media apps for Mac you should check out immediately.

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CanIStream.It – Watch Movies Online

Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to recommend a movie you had watched online to some friend, only to fail to remember where it was you actually watched it? Don’t worry, that’s a story we all can tell. Hulu, Netflix, YouTube Movies, Amazon, iTunes… there’s just too many services around. You can but get confused along the way. And when you grow really tired of that and you want the confusion to end,...

Read More – Discover New TV Shows

SuggestAShow is a discovery engine for TV shows. The site is pretty easy to use, as all you have to do is to furnish the name of these shows that you have watched and liked for a series of suggestions to be produced. These will be arranged by relevancy – each suggestion will have a matching percentage attached to it, and the ones that have scored highest will obviously come on top. Multiple attributes are taken into account in...

Read More – A Tool For Saving & Retrieving Videos gives you the chance to watch online videos anytime. If you enter this site, you will learn how to register on Radbox to use their bookmarklet to bookmark the online videos you want to watch. What is more, with your bookmarklet account, you can also post and share links to online videos with your Facebook or Twitter account. If you enter, you can register for free and start using your bookmarklet. You can save your...

Read More – Like Hulu For People Outside The US

This is one for those who are situated outside of the US and who want to have access to a service like Hulu. Picrap is not exactly a full substitute, but it is quite comprehensive and a parallel can be drawn. It currently aggregates over 1,000 TV shows from across the globe, and it pulls the content from several sources spread the width and breadth of the Internet. That is, Picrap doesn’t host any content itself. And in addition to...

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