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What Makes A Perfect Pitch? Tips From Angel Investor Bill Bryant

Everyone is always trying to figure out how to make “the perfect pitch.” While each VC and angel investor probably has a slightly different view on what “perfect” means, it definitely doesn’t hurt to hear their points of view. After all, if you want that money, they’re the ones you have to convince.   Bill Bryant has been in the business of potentially losing all of his money on people’s ideas for the past 25...

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How To Write The Perfect Pitch – More Like A Business Plan Than You Think

Ever since Eric Ries shook up the entrepreneurial world with his lean startup concept, the traditional business plan that was expected to cover everything from marketing to financial information to hypothetical ways you could deal with potential problems seems to have flown out the window. We’re hearing more and more that you don’t really need a business plan; what you need is a pitch. Let’s take a minute to think...

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