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Slammed My Head Into The Windshield Again (Yes Again)

I have been playing this internet start up game for 17 years now. I guess I have spent over $15,000 so far on failed start ups. Yet this time I had it down pat. I did my research, my keyword is searched on google 1,500,000 times a month. One of the competitors claims 4,000,000 subscribers. Solid niche right.

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50 Minute MBA – Vinod Khosla Tells You Everything You Need To Know

Vinod Khosla is an absolute legend in the tech startup sphere. As a founding CEO of Sun Microsystems, he has gone on to be a general partner at giant venture capitalist firm KPCB, and in 2004 founded his on venture firm Khosla Ventures.┬áHe recently gave a talk at the 2012 CEO Summit in New Zealand that was truly inspiring.     Highlights from his talk at the CEO Summit include: Keeping you eye on the “big, hairy...

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