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Do You Know What To Do With More Capital? Money Management Basics

The business world is full of examples of companies that had no idea what to do with large sums of money. The different chapters of bankruptcy are proof of that. If you ask any business Do you need more capital? you will be hard pressed to find one that said no. If you follow up the question with Do you know what to do with more capital? most would think they know the answer but it is not always the case. They would do something with...

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Keeping Your Business Expenses In Check

Getting off the ground with a startup takes funding… and funding can always be found. The trick to keeping a successful startup is to learn how to manage small business finances effectively.   Insight into all the dangers that lay ahead is important, but it can be even more important to try to take these speed bumps the right way.   Overspending early puts a lot of entrepreneurs behind schedule early on, and with a...

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