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Round ‘Em Up: How To Increase Traffic

Building a new business can be exhilarating and fun and each step of the way should be met with that passion. Just putting all of the pieces together won’t get things off and running so reaching out to that consumer base and increasing your web traffic needs to be a big point of interest.     A cool site with all the bells and whistles doesn’t automatically show up on everyone’s computer so finding out ways to increase that...

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Trouble Driving Traffic

Our Way of Advertising! Instead of trying to attack the big names in the industry we take a different route than they do. Take any large company, they pick the major keywords and go after them and bid CPC on Adwords for . 50 cents a click and have $1000 dollar a day budgets. Well that’s great for them but dose not work for the small business owner with a $300 dollar a month budget. So what we do is zone in on the less trafficked...

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