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Using LinkedIn To Boost Your Leads And Sales

If you are not using social media to promote your business a wake up call is in order. The days of attracting the customer with outbound marketing is becoming a small component of a marketing campaign. Today the customer looks for what they want and if the information about your product is not accurate and easily accessible you lose the customer. If you are looking for leads and sales LinkedIn is one of the tools you can use to...

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It’s Time To Embrace Pinterest For Business Marketing

With every new social media sites comes the potential and risk of associating the name of your company with the organization. If you wait too long and it becomes a hit, you can miss a lot of opportunities and if you commit early and it flops you will be associated with a loser. According to comScore, Pinterest is the fastest company to reach the 10 million unique visitor mark and the numbers have been increasing at an amazing rate...

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Customer Stalking – Hunting New Business

It’s common knowledge that a loyal customer base is the best source for a continuing revenue stream. But what about using that base as a primary source for generating new business? Here are a few techniques for doing just that. The first six will help you find the new prospects, while the next five will give you a much greater chance of closing the deal.  Stalking The key to finding or “hunting” new customers is through truly...

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