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Jerry Kestenbaum and the Luxury Building Dilemma

I have two wishes. First, I wish that my Park Ave high-rise had a more efficient way of delivering my packages, telling me when my guests arrive and alerting me when a maintenance request has been received. My second wish is to… well… actually live in a high-rise where these problems theoretically exist.   For now, I can only share the story of the man who created an extraordinary system to help poor penthouse folk with...

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Be a Passionate Realist (Don’t Separate The Two)

There is a heated debate over why passion in a Startup can be detrimental to the cause and that realists are the true winners. The other side argues that without passion that attacks the issues, strict realism will keep Startups from taking that chance that won’t always come around. At the recent SXSW conference the battle continued, but this time with a twist. Maybe picking sides wasn’t really the way to go and a healthy dose of each...

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