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Become Your Own Boss –

  • September 4, 2009

Become Your Own Boss“How I Changed Careers” is a book that has been penned by a gentleman named Carter. In general terms, he chronicles the change from a lawyer to an entrepreneur there, and he explains every milestone within such a process.

This is the blog that accompanies such a release,and the topics that are detailed on the book are explored and further discussed right here.

By reading this blog you will be provided a host on information on the common conundrums that surface when undertaking such a life-changing experience, and also on how to best deal with them. The ultimate aim, then, is to provide those who want to”run their own show” with a ready chance and the knowledge to pull it off.

Also, note that if you want to hire Carter’s services as a lecturer and/or speaker you can do so easily through the site. Just check out the “Contact Info” section. Become Your Own Boss

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