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  • February 19, 2008

ReliableHosting.comAre you looking for low cost hosting services? Do you need to register a domain? If that is the case, might be worth a try. On this site you will be able to get information on Reliable Hosting and the virtual hosting and streaming hosting solutions they provide. Furthermore, you will find out about the web programming and web-design services offered.

Are you searching for dedicated servers and colocation services? Then, on you will get data on the dedicated plans provided as well as details about their different virtual hosting packages. In addition to that, you will also get information on the domain name and domain parking services this hosting company offers.

To sum up, if you are looking for dedicated hosting services, could be an interesting option to keep in mind. Remember this site next time you are a searching for dedicated host servers and hosting solutions.

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  • February 18, 2008

Oxeo.comOXEO is a hosting company that was inspired by webmaster’s continuous demand for high speed internet access and support. The company expertise in network configuration, server up keeping, and routing makes it the pioneer in web hosting solutions.

They use cutting edge technology and provide experience, and talent. Oxeo offers innovate solutions for clients on a regular basis. Since the foundation of the company, they quickly grown to become one of the largest managed hosting service provider, as well as a leader in the industry. At the site you will find many categories for you to choose from. Those categories featured are hosting, products & services, contact and my oxeo. Some of the products that are offered at the site are oxeo lite, DELL poweredge servers, SAS storage solutions, semi-DED and shared. So if you want the best hosting solution check out

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  • February 13, 2008 is a site that provides customers with hosting solutions.

Shared hosts provide customers with a back-end data architecture which is “shared” by all of their users. They also offer tools to upload files, manage e-mail, update and enhance Web sites. In addition, shared hosting offers more redundancy, that makes Web sites experience minimal downtime. For that reason, if there is a problem with one server, another server will back it up. Moreover, at the site you will be able to find categories like shared hosting, products & services, reseller programs, support, control panel, webmail, exchange hosting, private label programs and instant web site. Some of the products and services that are featured at the site are, web hosting, web site management, domain registration and services, e-mail services, e-commerce services, scripting and site add-ons and marketing services.

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  • November 27, 2007

www.IXWebHosting.comIf you are looking for professional web hosting you definitely have to visit this website. The service level they’ve built in the last decade was handcrafted by some of the most gifted individuals in the hosting industry.

Their hosting packages meet your demands, may it be for a complex business website, content related to your family or your hobby. Sign up now and get the best hosting plans. You may get up to $485 in free marketing just because you’ve signed up in IX Web Hosting. Checkout their Web Design Special and get to; redesign and increase sales and get a new professional design at a fraction of regular cost. Stay clam this site has no hidden fees, zero setup fees and the domains for free. Over 200,000 domains in their own data center in the US. This website offers customers reliable servers of brand name hardware. It is a source for hosting solutions. It allows customers to create professional looking websites without any programming knowledge or web design skills.

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  • November 24, 2007

Thruport.comThruport Technologies is an Internet hosting and Software Company specializing in providing a wide array of solutions to the hosting, hardware and software needs of businesses and organizations. Whether you need a simple self-managed dedicated server or a complex hosting arrangement with multiple managed servers, Thruport Technologies is willing to help you.

The site offers information about the company and the hosting solutions that it offers. In addition, you can take a virtual tour to get a deeper insight of what they can do for you.

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  • October 27, 2007

AdvertServe.comLooking for a robust Internet Advertising Delivery Solution that doesn’t require costly hardware deployment and a dedicated IT staff to support it? is a managed hosted solution.

AdvertPRO software is a full featured on-demand web application designed to manage advertising delivery, tracking, and reporting of critical metrics to advertisers and publishers. Register for a demo and begin to get a personal evaluation of this service. Sign up for an account and be able to start delivering and tracking advertisements on your web sites in just a few hours. They offer low-cost Virtual plans. Capacity and pricing that grows as traffic to your web site increases, so you pay for only as much capacity as you need and no more. Virtual plans are available for medium/high traffic web sites that serve more than 10-15 million monthly impressions, which boast flat monthly fee pricing equivalent to $0.01 CPM (definition) this is definitely an affordable price.

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  • October 2, 2007

I8.comThis site is a leading provider of web hosting solutions through a number of brands such as: FreeServers, BizHosting, 50Megs and more. This company has been providing hosting solutions to millions of people since its inception in 1995.

In order to provide hosting solutions this site provides advertisers and partners the vehicle to connect with website visitors and owners. They offer free web hosting services that store your website and delivers your web pages to the Internet for free. There is no need of html, the site provides you with easy templates to create your own layout, and if you have an existing website you may get to use the site copier. If want a website but don’t want to pay for hosting, then this is definitely the site you’ll have to visit.

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  • September 24, 2007

www.RapidShare.comEnter and get your files with rapid share absolutely free.

By 1-click web hosting solution you can put your files online for free with just one click. It’s a very quick and easy thing for you to do just select your file and press upload, you’ll receive a download-link so you can share it with anyone you want. Security is great! You personally decide who’s able to access your files. Only people that know the exact download URL are able to download your file. Addapt to its conditions: Uploaded files have a maximum size of 100 MB per file and you may only download a certain amount of MB per hour. Just follow two stupid steps: 1- Select your file and press upload, 2 – Receive download-link and share it.

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