More – Free Hosted Webshops

  • April 24, 2009

vMart.euVMart is a new online service that offers users the possibility to get free hosted web shops and content managed websites. This is a convenient site where you can find information for individuals and companies internationally.

In case you want to setup any fees, as well as to develop them, this is the right site for you to get what you want. This seems to be a convenient solution for everybody.

His site is extremely easy to set up and to use even for people with no web experience. In case you need to check it out, this could be the right time for you to do it.

There are other companies offering similar hosted services for up to almost $200 per month. Other companies charge you thousands of dollars in development fees to develop a custom solution.

This is an online solution that is able to put people off going ahead with their business idea. In case you want to get more information you can do it at

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More – Designer Carts For Designers

  • March 31, 2009

WikiLime.netAre you a designer? Then, this is an online resource where you will find what you need. Wikilime.

net was created in order to provide users with the most complete and attractive shopping carts for designers you can find in the market.

This system is very simple and it works very fast. This online resource could be defined as a very uncomplicated but effective shopping cart that seems to be very convenient for business start ups.

In case you are interested in these services, you are more than welcome to visit the company’s site in order to get what you need. You can sign up with out having to pay anything for it. If you want, you can get an account and give it a try. If you like what you see then upgrade for a small fee of just £4.95 a month.

The site is clear and gives you the possibility to find stores, as well as to participate in a blogging community where you will have the chance to share your experiences with other fellow members.

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More – Get Visible

  • July 23, 2008

Visible.netOur website mainly acts as a lead generation tool to help inform merchant business owners about our software products and services.Visible.

net provides innovative, full-scale hosted e-commerce selling solutions with built-in marketing and search optimization tools powered by PHP and mySQL. We also offer the ability for our clients to integrate with many popular third-party applications and other tools that can be used to compliment our software and service offerings. We pride ourselves in our ability to create and develop simple to use tools that are effective and work well within our individual client selling goals and business strategies. All services come fully supported and includes training materials, consulting help, advice and proprietary web-based tools which gets the ball rolling and allows our clients to reach their potential at a faster rate than other merchants. The site provides features and tools that are currently not found within most e-commerce platforms. Built-in marketing and SEO tools make it easy for our clients to get exposure the moment they launch a new store. The user interface is sleek, well designed and will be considered one of the easiest to use solutions on the market. The code and functionality are clean, light, fast and well tested.

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More – The Place to Post Anything

  • June 27, 2008

Posterous.comPosterous is a site that lets users post pretty much anything online, with practically no effort at all. Instantly, users can post their favorite mp3’s, photos, news articles, and iPhone pics.

Users do not even have to worry about setting up an account—they can skip that step all together. All they need to do is send an email to Posterous with the mp3’s, photos, or other files attached, and Posterous will create a website for that user from the sent files. Users can browse the site and see what others have created. They can get started with their own posting right away by logging into their Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL account from the Posterous homepage.

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More – Online Spell Check Solutions

  • May 5, 2008

SpellChecker.netAern’t tpyos horrible? But not only do they look hideous, but actually make your writing less credible. Though the only full-proof solution to typos is actually reading what you write attentively, spell checkers can help you a lot, and SpellChecker.

net is a way to get one for your browser, webpage, intranet, webmail, CRM, CMS and even for your search engine, to make sure you don’t lose time repeating searches due to typos. The plug-in can be customized to blend to any corporate or website color scheme, and includes not only spellchecking (with the possibility of adding special terms and capitalization criteria), but grammar check and a thesaurus as well. If you visit this site you’ll be able to explore to different hosted and licensed products, and download a trial version for free, which can run in a variety of western languages. Also cool about is that you can buy specialized dictionaries, including medical and legal ones. If you care to see how the program works and looks, you can go over to the ‘customer’ area and take a look at the many and diverse clients of, and visit their websites.

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