Hoppala-Agency.com – Build AR Apps

  • March 24, 2011

Hoppala-Agency.comThese augmented reality apps mean business, and nobody could blame you if you thought that only a seasoned programmer could put them together. Yet, the truth is far removed from that. The truth is that just any person who has the time and the imagination can have one such app created and spread around thanks to Hoppala.

Hoppala lets anybody come up with a mobile augmented application in a mere couple of clicks and keystrokes. Those who sign up for Hoppala become enabled to upload their own images and 3D models to a personalized inventory from which they can be pulled when they are creating an augmented reality application.

Creating presentations for your next business meeting, setting a demo for a pitch, creating an AR application to showcase what your company does at any event… these are all valid uses for Hoppala. And since most augmented reality browsers in the market today are supported (including Layar, Junaio and Wikitude), you are guaranteed that anything you have created will be viewable by people in very different contexts.

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