HopePhones.org – Donating Phones To Countries In Need

  • October 27, 2009

HopePhones.orgThis is one of these invaluable sites that aim to stand as a platform letting people help others who are living in impoverished conditions. Specifically, it will let anybody donate his/her old phone to people within developing countries.

The use this has is a laudable one: providing healthcare assistance when it is needed the most. According to the site, a $10 cellphone will provide about 50 families with access to emergency medical care and clinical resources, not to mention access to transportation services on the whole.

The way this all works out is very simple: you donate your old phone by taking it to the nearest recycling center, and the phone is sold and used to buy cellphones that find their way into the hands of healthcare workers.

As you know, I am always very keen on sites such as this one. I find them an excellent example of the way the Internet is used to bring the best out on people. And in this particular case, I feel most of us can lend a hand. I strongly advice you to check the site out and learn more about the basic premise personally. It is definitely worth it.

Finally, note that a widget is provided for you to add to your site or blog and support the cause that way.

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