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VortechOnline.com – Aviation Literature and Videos

  • May 6, 2008

VortechOnline.comVortechOnline.com has a large range of popular books, videos, and instruments for aviation enthusiasts. The types of aviation vary, with information available on: helicopters, gyroplanes, jet engines, rockets, and much more.

Vortech plans and blueprints are available to purchase on this site, which provide in depth detail on the structure of certain vehicles. Vortech instruments and avionics are also available to purchase. Vortech instruments are compiled of compasses, and different types of band and air band transceivers.

VortechOnline.com also has many links that take you to aviation related sites, which talk about: homebuilt helicopters, homebuilt gyroplanes, how to build a Zephyrus wind generator, homebuilt cars, home built mini scooters, home built steam, gas and jet engines, and home built boats.

Vortech kits are also available to purchase and are the aviation enthusiasts dream. They range from a ´choppy swash plate mechanism,´ priced at $1,495 to a ´skylark,´ priced at $37,500. Although not in everybody’s budget range, the products available on VortechOnline.com will certainly not disappoint the ´true´ aviation enthusiast. VortechOnline.com

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