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MrBeer.com – Home Brewing Made Easy

  • March 5, 2008

MrBeer.comFor all beer lovers, this is the moment they have been waiting for a long time. The dream come true, thanks to the MrBeer’s revolutionary brewing system, you can produce your own beer at home.

Yes, many of you can’t believe yet, but here is the explanation. First of all, the site provides you with different kits, each of them with different features and prices. Then, you choose a specific refill and you are ready to make 2 gallons of great beer. Afterwards, you can choose a recipe from over 170 different recipes in order to give the beer diverse tastes. In addition, if you feel that your home bewery don’t have the complete infrastructure you can purchase different accessories such as bottling supplies, brewing utensils, a one-step cleanser and replacement parts. Well, now you are ready to invite your friends and enjoy together your great home beer. The site’s layout is well designed with an accurate organization. MrBeer.com

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