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  • May 27, 2008

Hbd.orgIf you are a true beer enthusiast and you are planning to brew your own beer at home, then I can’t think of a better website for you. Hbd.

org is the official site of the Home Brew Digest, an online publication that features news and information about beer and home brew. The Brew digest has existed in several formats since 1988 and since 1997 they are online. At their official website you can learn more about them, their mission, and history. Also, you can access to a series of articles about beer and brewing, as well as tips and information on how to do it at home. You can also access to their live chat and to the discussion boards, where you can meet other beer enthusiast. Finally, there are links to flea markets and also an online shop where you can purchase everything you need for your home brew. Hbd.org

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