SabbathTruth.com – God’s Plan For You

  • July 22, 2008

SabbathTruth.comThrough Sabbathtruth.com you will find all the information you need to know about the New Moon’s, Angels, and Sabbath.

For example, you’ll find out why, hallowed by the Creator’s rest and blessing, the Sabbath was kept by Adam in his innocence in holy Eden. You can learn about Sabbath’s purpose, Sabbath’s history, and the appearances of Sabbath in prophecy. The site has a large amount of articles available, as well as downloadable files such as audio files and books. To navigate through the resources the site offers you should access the links on the left hand side of your screen, where you can also get free bible lessons, Sabbath products, and biblical concepts. Besides, if you want to know what Jesus taught on keeping the Sabbath, or you wonder how do you know if Sunday is the real Sabbath day, you can download the “Revelations from the Lost Pages of History” book for free. SabbathTruth.com

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St-Takla.org – Saint Takla Egyptian Church

  • July 15, 2008

St-Takla.orgSt-takla.org is a website developed by a devoted Egyptian of Alexandria, named Michael Ghaly.

It is entirely dedicated to the Egyptian church of Saint Takla and all its members, activities, and devoted people. Through the site you can find out everything about this foreign religious institution, since the site has a large amount of resources available. Visitors can access any other Coptic sites on the net, and listen to hymns, masses, and carols. Besides, the site offers hundreds of pictures on Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, and several Saints. You can also read the whole text of the Holy Bible in many languages, and access a kids’ corner. Since the site is mainly oriented to Arabic people, it provides them with an Arabic-English dictionary, Arabic keyboard, and much material about Egypt. When accessing the homepage you’ll be invited to visit Ethiopia and its monasteries and holy places in Addis Ababa, the country’s capital city. St-Takla.org

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CrossWire.org – Bringing Gospel To New Generations

  • July 8, 2008

CrossWire.orgCrosswire.org is the online home of the CrossWire Bible Society, an organization that is focused on bringing the gospel to a new generation.

CrossWire has the purpose of sponsoring and providing a place for engineers and others to come and collaborate on free, open-source projects aimed at furthering the Kingdom of our God. Besides, this site also represents a resource pool to other Bible societies and Christian organizations that can’t afford to maintain a quality programming staff in house. This means it provides a number of tools that assist them with reaching their domain with Christ. CrossWire is a non-income organization, which means that not only does it offer its services for free, but also doesn’t solicit donations to exist. The main purpose of a Bible Society is to distribute Scripture to as many people within a domain as possible; to that end, through Crosswire.org visitors can access many projects, studies, software, and holy documents that they can read online. CrossWire.org

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Fatima.org – Our Lady Of Fatima Online

  • July 1, 2008

Fatima.orgFatima.org is the homepage for The Fatima Network, a group of websites that provides visitors all the necessary information about Our Lady of Fatima.

The main objective of this site is to communicate the world Fatima’s message. The Message of Fatima consists of a number of precise predictions, requests, warnings and promises concerning the Faith and the world which were conveyed by the Blessed Virgin Mary to three shepherd children, Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco. Here you will access all the information related to this message, as well as ultimate news about events, conferences, announcements, and more. At the homepage you will find many categories of links through which you can access specific Fatima’s resources. These categories include The Third Secret, Consecration of Russia, Prayer and Devotion, Fatima Essentials, and others. There you will also find a Fatima’s online store, where you can buy featured stuff related to this holy lady. Fatima.org

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Sermonsfromseattle.com – All The Sermons From Seattle

  • June 10, 2008

Sermonsfromseattle.comIf you are from Seattle and are a Christian devote, this site will be very useful for you. It has all of the sermons, books, dramas, and videos you need for preaching, and what is more: they are fast, adaptable, and all for free.

These sermons are Christ centered and Biblically based, written by a seasoned pastor of one of the largest Lutheran congregations on the West coast. To begin exploring this website, it would be beneficial to initially read “About the Sermons;” then read a sampling of the sermons from Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Series C, etc. If you are still interested, perhaps you ought to watch a video of a sermon. By saturating yourself in these sermons, you will determine if this material could be helpful to you in your preparation. Navigate through al the site’s resources by clicking the links placed on the left hand side of your screen. Sermonsfromseattle.com

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Onlinebible.net – The Holy Bible Online

  • May 29, 2008

Onlinebible.netWho said Bible was boring and hard-to-read material? Ok, let’s admit Holy Bible printed edition is heavy for us to carry it anywhere. For that reason the Bible has also arrived to internet.

Now you can take advantage of technology and have your own digital Holy book. At Onlinebible.net you will find all the info you have to know regarding this service. In the home page you will find dome free downloads; there is free Bible software, updates, starter packs, Bible translations, dictionaries, and books. You just need to have a computer, internet access, and a Windows 98 through Vista operating system. If you want, you can check out the Bible’s pocket PC version. It is a PC version of the Holy Bible, for you to enjoy reading it and sharing it with your loved ones. You can place your orders from the United States, as well as from the international retailers listed in the Ordering Info. For more info, visit Onlinebible.net. Onlinebible.net

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Theshininglight.info – The Shining Light

  • May 9, 2008

Theshininglight.infoTheshininglight.info is an advance level study of the Holy Scriptures and the way of the Eternal God.

This material is dedicated to the Eternal God and to all those who love him. The articles on this website are presented in a progressive manner, each article providing material that will be of value in understanding subsequent articles. Even persons with long experience in biblical studies will find it helpful to start at the beginning. This website’s purpose is to provoke serious, thoughtful study, as well as to provide information. Readers are strongly encouraged to challenge their conclusions and to undertake studies of their own, to prove to themselves, from Holy Scriptures, whether these things be true or not. You can browse the website through its categories. These are The True Church of God, Donation Information, Open Letter, 2008 in Prophecy, Beyond 2008, The revelation, and much more. You will learn more about this website at the about us category. Theshininglight.info

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Whatsaiththescripture.com – What Saith The Scripture

  • April 30, 2008

Whatsaiththescripture.comThe What Saith the Scripture website is primarily intended as a resource to aid you, as an Endtime Christian, in meeting your spiritual needs. They desire to be used of the Blessed Holy Spirit to supply you with that understanding that may better enable you to scripturally conduct yourselves.

If you make no claim to being a Christian, they still welcome the opportunity to introduce you to Jesus. You can do a lot of things at this website; you can bookmark it using the feature of your browser. You can read a brief summary of their beliefs. Read their homepage should give you a good idea that the theme of this website. Especially notice the WSTS “Section Description” that gives you a thumbnail description of the entire site. Browse the Focus Index; it is an alphabetical index that contains a listing of hundreds of articles, lectures, sermons, books, poems, stories, and much more. All of them have the author’s name, date, and description. Whatsaiththescripture.com

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Templetontours.com – Online Resource For Christian Trav

  • April 21, 2008

Templetontours.comIt is reported that about 150 million people travel yearly on pilgrimages. There are several agencies that cater specifically to them.

One of them is Templeton Tours Inc., which was founded by Maurice Templeton about four decades ago. Based in North Carolina, today stands as an established Christian Travel Agency. Each year it offers Holy Land tours and Christian cruise charters to groups of believers all around the world. There is a quick find feature that makes finding your desired cruise or tour an easy task. A brochure can be requested by means of filling a form online, and specifying in which cruises or tours you happen to be interested in. Available payment options include credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, and payment using Paypal is also viable. You can contact Templeton Tours using the telephone number that is provided on the site, or you can contact them by ordinary mail. Templetontours.com

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Theholylandexperience.com – The Holy Land

  • April 16, 2008

Theholylandexperience.comIt is now possible to visit Jerusalem in Orlando, Florida, as now you can discover what it was two thousand years back in time, discovering somewhat the marvelous stories of the Bible with the rebuilding the life of Jesus with musical productions, inspiring the audience. Holylandexperience.

com puts in the picture what that experience is all about, giving you the prospect of the occurrence, and making it very educational, specially to the children from church school, or enlighten any other child or adult interested in the subject. You must know, that if interested in visiting, Holylandexperience.com offers any information you need in the site. The purchase of the entrance tickets, are done in the site, having different kinds of plans and programs, such as the educational program which is to enrich the mind of the biblical scholars, and the explorer program, is the walking of the experience bible. Even more than programs, there are also featured exhibits which captivate you in many ways, presentations, live shows, guest services, shopping, dinning, and many other services which leave you surprised. Theholylandexperience.com

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