HolisticReal.com – Online Health Community

  • November 1, 2008

HolisticReal.comThis portal is a community site that has the objective of educating the general public about different treatment options using alternative medicine, and it takes into consideration both chronically ill people and terminally ill patients.

The site enables users to post their patient histories and discuss treatment options as well as providing a whole host of resources that deal with health-related topics.

These include publications and links to different healthcare organizations and institutions. The main page is subdivided accordingly, and there is also a navigation menu that will let you find what you need straight away.

Upon choosing a condition from the provided list, for example, you are presented with information about diverse therapies as well as a list of practitioners and groups that can be of help.

The site also includes a collection of health quotes from luminaries such as Francis Bacon and Mark Twain among others.

When all is said and done, a site like this stands as a valuable source of information that might just provide you with the solace that is necessary to go on.

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