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  • July 29, 2008

HMXMedia.comHMX Media is a digital creative agency that specializes in computer generated imagery (CGI).As the company itself puts it on its website, they “create moving assets that are central to the promotion of identities, products and services”.

The corporate website itself can be reached at, and it is subdivided in four main sections, namely “Company”, “Work”, “Careers” and “Contact”. The first provides background information on the company that goes from its humble beginnings to its current standing as grammy-nominee. For its part, the “Works” section highlights the clients that HMX Media has worked with along with the animations that were devised by the London-based creative agency. On the other hand, the “Careers” section spotlights current job openings and employment opportunities within the company. Finally, the “Contact” pages provide information for getting in touch with several of the available HMX Media offices the world over, as well as maps for easy reference.

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