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Qlt.com – Say It All With A Photo

  • May 23, 2008

Qlt.comCasi/QLT are wholesalers who supply heat transfers and presses, photo novelties and event photography to individuals, businesses, schools and any organization in need of this type of equipment. They are the top specialists in the field, and have been operating worldwide since 1977.

They supply heat presses, heat press and iron-on transfers, t-shirts for the transfers, key rings, photo holders and frames including cardboard and Polaroid frames, transfer paper, HIX press equipment, among a whole lot of other products. Photo novelties include items like photo buttons, photo clips, photo heirlooms, photo plates, so you can turn a common, everyday object into something special. In fact, you can put a photo on almost anything, and Casi/QLT will provide you with the equipment and products to do it. Whether you need to transfer a photo onto a t-shirt, or need to identify your school sport teams on a baseball cap, or even a business looking to advertise your products on a key ring, Casi/QLT can supply you with whatever you need. Quantity discounts are available as well as discounts on particular products. You can request a catalog. Qlt.com

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