HistoryPin.com – Tell The Story Behind Every Picture

  • June 18, 2010

HistoryPin.comThe team behind History Pin terms it a time machine that will let people share their life stories in a new way – one that is more suited to the actual dynamics of the Internet.

On the site, people are invited to post photographs of events that defined their lives and have them geo-tagged.

Each one of these images comes with a detailed description, and these descriptions are actually quite reminiscent of small stories in many cases. The idea is that the photos and the texts that are thus uploaded and tagged are situated in a Google map for everybody to see and read.

And Google Maps is not the only service which is used to contextualize the images and their accompanying stories – Street View is also employed in order to give everything a chance to be even more relatable to. Because that is the one true aim of the site in the end: letting people from different generations start finding common ground and interacting with one another in earnest.

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