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HHDB.com – Hip-Hop & Rap Lyrics Database

  • January 29, 2008

HHDB.comHHDB.com consists of one of the biggest hip-hop lyric, artist and album database.

You can find lots of stuff related to hip-hop music and artists such as chat rooms, add lyrics, and add release dates, message boards, hip-hop concerts, hip-hop music, hip-hop videos, hip-hop honeys, release dates and more. To have full access to the site services it is highly recommended to register with your own account. There is also a list of artists alphabetically organized so you can find easily and simply whatever lyric, artists or album you are looking for. There are also some nice pictures and all kinds of articles related to the hip-hop scene as well as a bunch of links to other hip-hop related sites. If you like hip-hop, HHDB.com will be paradise for you. HHDB.com

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