XDADevelopers.com – PDA Phone Specialists

  • May 7, 2008

XDADevelopers.comHaving trouble with your PDA phone? Can’t find a dealer that will repair your PDA phone? Find friendly advice on the XDA-Developers.com forum. This forum was set up by PDA phone users who had trouble finding anyone to help them repair the devices. The infamous phones where originally made in Taiwan and went into the market by various names, such as: ´Wallaby,´ ´Himalaya,´ ´Blue Angel,´ and many other names. The phones also go bye the names of Qtek, MDA, SX-56, and Hermes.

XDA-Developer.com founders were originally software developers for the PDA phone. Finding it hard to find out any information about the actual phone, they pulled the device appart, studied it and came up with useful information to share with PDA users.

Common topics on the XDA-Developers forum are to do with fixing the mobile devices and how to stop software piracy.

If you seem to be having any trouble with the PDA phone you purchased, this seems to be the ´know it all´ forum you were looking for. XDADevelopers.com

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GojiExpress.Com – Middle Eastern Wisdom

  • April 15, 2008

GojiExpress.ComFree Life, the Himalayan Goji Company has come to the USA, bringing their natural resources and products with them. The company has released to the American market “GoChi”, The Himalayan Goji Juice.

It is said to be the elixir of life of middle-eastern people who live “more than 100 years”. The secret inside this juice is a red fruit called goji berry. The website also contains a review about the benefits that might bring you start drinking it today, from reduction of stress to increased energy. You are also able to buy Free Life Products directly from the site; each and every one of them are meant to make the consumer’s life more healthy, ranging from personal care to nutrition. It even has got a Home Care section to buy from. If you want to get more informed, you can also get multimedia in English and in Spanish, as well as brochures, to get more in touch with the benefits middle-eastern products can bring to you. GojiExpress.Com

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