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  • May 30, 2008

Hilltopanimalhospital.comHilltopanimalhospital.com is the official website of the Hilltop Animal Hospital, a full service facility animal hospital from Palatine, Illinois, in the United States.

The Hilltop Animal Hospital was founded in 1979 and it operates nowadays as a full service facility during 6 days of the week. Preventive medicine is its primary goal but other services are also offered here, such as radiographs, ultrasounds, soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries, endoscopy, laboratory tests, and dental procedures, among others. Besides canine and feline patients, they also have specialist in birds, exotic pets, pocket pets, and wildlife animals. Here you can learn everything about the hospital, its history, and mission. All their services are listed and explained here. The website also features pictures of the hospital, contact information, and address. Last but not least, the website features a number of articles and resources about health and health care of all the different animals treated here. Hilltopanimalhospital.com

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