ExeLib.com – Digging Deep Into Your PC

  • February 26, 2008

ExeLib.comYou’ve probably opened your computer’s task manager to check out executable processes running at any given moment. You’ve probably also had not a clue as to what half of those programs do, or what exact purpose they serve.

With Windows, opening one app means another dozen or so are running to keep the system going or to complement your activity. It’s difficult to tell what’s what. The good news is, however, there’s ExeLibrary which will help you figure out what programs you need and which you can toss. ExeLibrary is a directory of executable programs. You can search it alphabetically or by keyword. You’ll be able to find out a programs function, if it’s important or not, how dangerous it may be, and how it’s installed. If anything you’ve found turns out to be a virus, ExeLibrary will provide instructions on how to remove it. It also provides a log if you use it in conjunction with HijackThis.

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