HighSchoolMusical.com – High School Musical Show Site

  • February 18, 2008

HighSchoolMusical.comHighSchoolMusical.com is the official web site of the tv show high school musical where you can find lots of information and resources related to high school musical participants, the show and other cool and fun features online.

At the left main menu you can browse the web site content by these categories, play your part, about the movie, games, music, email, quiz, videos, downloads and photos. The web site is very attractive and interactive however it may take a while to load and could be a little overcharged of features but nothing really annoying. If you are a high school musical fan and watch the show you can find all the information and news you need here, plus you can select you favorite participant and follow him or her through all high school musical participation. HighSchoolMusical.com

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