HighNote.com – Send Multimedia Group Messages

  • January 28, 2011

HighNote.comDo you ever feel that text messages are too uninvolving in emotional terms? Because if you do, HighNote is the one mobile app you should make a point of getting and testing out now.

In general, we can say that HighNote is a platform which lets you send rich multimedia messages in a really intuitive way. Not only that, we are talking about a group messaging platform – you will be able to reach out to all your friends at once if that is what you want.

So, if you are traveling around Europe you will be able to send out a SMS to all your friends at the same time detailing where you are, and instead of typing something down you will be able to add a video or any other such media to the message itself.

And your friends will be able to reply to the message in multiple ways, as they can profess their liking for what you have sent in a way not far removed from how content is liked on Facebook.

As of this day, iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android phones are all supported to the same extent. The app can be downloaded for free, and you will be up and running in the blink of an eye.

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