Highlighter.com – Letting Visitors Highlight Content

  • December 14, 2010

Highlighter.comWith its ability to let site visitors interact around specific portions of text only, Highlighter stands as a more contextualized alternative to the way in which comments have always been placed on blogs.

Highlighter is a WordPress plugin that you can get (and use) for free. Upon installing it, people who visit your blog will have a whole new way to relate to your content. You see, they will become enabled to highlight these parts of your posts that they like, and comment directly on these. Others will be able to see these comments, and leave their very own.

And as far as you (IE, the blogger) are concerned, Highlighter will create a mailing list with all the people who comment on your posts. In this way, you will be able to target them even more easily and begin monetizing your content in a far more effective way.

And just to cover all bases, I have to mention that users can also highlight pictures and comment on them as if they were chunks of texts.

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