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Timewarnerla.com – Time Warner Cable TV

  • January 13, 2008

Timewarnerla.comBeing one of the top couple of cable TV providers in the US, one would expect Time Warner Cable TV’s homepage, Timewarnerla.com, to look a bit more sophisticated than it does, but well, it seems these people have chosen practicality and service over looks.

This site is mainly a consumer site, but the gateway to the corporate site as well; in it users will be able to find all product and service information, billing details, online payment options and programming details and schedule. This company, as happens with most Cable TV companies, has stepped into the IT era, and it does so by providing other associated services, like IP phone and high-speed internet connection, and all the information on those services is available from the site. Also, since Time Warner Cable TV is concerned in giving back to the community by fostering educational plans that encourage youngsters to read and develop creative abilities, users will be able to find all the materials related to these initiatives, in order to be informed or try to reproduce these activities in local communities, so other than customers, this site could be appealing to teachers and educators from far and close. Timewarnerla.com

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