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Highiqsociety.org – International High IQ Society

  • May 15, 2008

Highiqsociety.orgIf you think you are a genius, you are a genius, or you want to check whether you are one or not, then this site is perfect for you. Highiqsociety.

org is the official website of the International High IQ Society, an internet based high IQ society founded in the year 2000. Anyone with an IQ level in the top five percent of the population can become a member of this society, with no other qualifications necessary. In order to check whether you can become a member or not, you can take for free one of their IQ tests; if your score is above 124, then you can automatically become a member (this reviewer couldn’t become one). At this website you can get to know everything about this organization, their main activities, and latest news. Also, you can access to a series of online tests and games, in order to challenge your brain. Highiqsociety.org

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