hiDentify.com – A New Way To Search For Products

  • November 24, 2010

hiDentify.comWhat is it that you say? That online shopping should be a more natural and organic experience? Well, have you tried hiDentify? It is a search engine that lets you find product by inputting queries along the lines of ?Silver coffee machine with high pump pressure? and ?Cheap camera with long battery life and high resolution?. Does it get more natural than that, I ask you?

And if that is not enough, then you will be pleased to know hiDentify can also point you to the online stores in which these products can be bought at the best prices. A list detailing the best-ranked sellers that have these products in stock will be assembled and displayed for your viewing pleasure.

A system like this one effectively puts an end to having to think like a techie when looking up stuff such as cameras, computers and smartphones. Since the provided engine can comprehend natural language, it all becomes a mere question of saying what you want for it to be looked up and successfully found.

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