HiddenApp.com – Find Your Mac If It Is Stolen

  • October 3, 2010

HiddenApp.comCurrently retailing at $ 20, Hidden is an application that will save the day if you are unfortunate enough to have your iMac or MacBook stolen. If that happens, Hidden will let you track your computer the moment that it is activated, no matter where the thief is located.

Additionally, it will be able to take photos of the thief and screenshots of the computer as it is being used that will act as further evidence once the computer is recovered. Also, these screenshots can provide even further evidence of where the computer actually is.

As an application, Hidden works in the background and it can’t be detected by any traditional means. The theft won’t even know he is being tracked, much less photographed.

At $ 20, Hidden is much cheaper than related applications such as Orbicule Undercover and Prey Project. And it can do all the basic operations conducive to the recovery of your computer as quickly and effectively as these other two applications. This turns it into a more than interesting alternative.

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