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Vuze.com – Hi-res Videos & Films for Download

  • December 22, 2007

Vuze.comVuze is a file sharing application developed by Azureus, which allows users to download video content from their site for free or by paying a small fee, depending on who is the owner of the content, because that’s what’s really interesting about this site: the content is mainly user submitted, but some of the largest and most influential TV broadcaster companies like BBC Worldwide, National Geographic, Ministry of Sound and the History Channel also submit content, only in order to download those you’ll probably have to pay. In order to start benefiting from this really high-res content (DVD quality, thank god) you need to download a 7,4 MB app and choose what you want to watch out of a list of several categories, including movies, anime, animation, games, sci-fi, horror, cars, etc.


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