HHTimesheet.com – Timesheet Management Simplified

  • January 16, 2009

HHTimesheet.comPresented by Beyond NG, an Australian-based company, HHTimesheet is a solution that is geared towards small and medium sized companies, and which aims to make timesheet and expense tracking a smooth task for all concerned parties.

The implementation of this process entails defining a project and then creating a timesheet.

Once this has been done, you will receive reports in real time. Note that you will only be charged for the amount of timesheets that you actually save, as the company adheres to a “Pay as you go” policy that also means you can stop using it whenever you want.

One of the most notable features at play is a work break down structure that can be used to display the hierarchy of any given company, including its customers, projects and tasks, and give proceedings a much suppler flow.

As it is the case with recent applications that cater for similar purposes, this is a browser-based solution, and as such it can be accessed and put into practice from anywhere there is an Internet connection available. Moreover, whenever HHTimesheet is updated you will benefit from these updates without the need to incur into downloads of any kind.

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