HeyZap.com – Hooking Up Site Visitors

  • January 16, 2009

HeyZap.com“Engaging games for your site” is how this young startup announces itself to the world, and that is a quite accurate way to put its essence across. This website stands as a database of games which come from various portals and from developers themselves, and these can be readily embedded on any blog or website in order to increase the time that visitors spend on it.

A system like this one accommodates the needs of publishers that are constantly on the lookout for fresh contents, and it provides emerging programmers with a ready chance to find a niche in the market where their products can be placed. Furthermore, a dashboard is provided for game developers to track the usage of their games, and quickly figure out how things are evolving.

The dynamics of the site are quite uncomplicated, too, as games can be embedded instantly by way of the provided strings of code that are available, so that if you want to give your site a twist and make it somehow more appealing, HeyZap might just as well do the trick, and keep people coming right back for more.

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