HesADouche.com – Tell The World Why He Is A Douche

  • August 9, 2010

HesADouche.comHe’s A Douche is a new online resource that will let women from all over the world share her romantic disappointments with everybody. On the site, they will be able to post their own stories douchebags, and other women can then both read and rate these entries.

Of course, men who happen to come across the site can also offer their insight, and put things into perspective for the one who has posted a particularly disparaging piece.

In actuality, the site contains nothing inappropriate – everything is moderated, and no foul language is allowed. The idea is to let everybody vent and get advice in a respectful setting.

Browsing the site is made notably easier thanks to the many categories that are available. These include “In Life”, “In Relationships”, “In Work”, “In Bed”… What’s more, the top stories (as rated by users of the site) can be visualized at any time. The same applies to these stories that nobody has paid much heed to – they are grouped under the “Flop Stories” banner. And if you are just in the mood for some random reading, there is also a category for that.

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