Onegreatfamily.com – Explore and Share Your Genealogy

  • November 4, 2007

Onegreatfamily.comOnegreatfamily.com is family network.

It gives you the chance to share your family tree and photos, create a site for your family, showcase your family tree on line organize family events. Their aim is to make it easier for people around the world to discover their heritage and strengthen their bonds with family and friends by using internet. To use this service you have to register by giving some information such as you email, name, gender and a nick name. Then you can create a family tree with your and your relatives’ names, photos, biographies and videos. It also offers the possibility of searching your heritage by using the research section, so you may find lost ancestors and relatives you never know you had. So if you want to learn more about your ancestors and your heritage, just visit this site. You may have to pay in order to use most of the services. Onegreatfamily.com

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Rv-coach.com – Recreational vehicle heaven

  • October 15, 2007

Rv-coach.comThis site is devoted to promoting the use of RVs (recreational vehicles) for fun outdoor family vacations, but it is also targeted for amateur and pro users of. Featuring extensive articles and information on destinations worth visiting and insurance, security and best-value models, this site is the ultimate guide to getting around in one of these vehicles, since it is not exclusively addresses RV owners, but renters as well, offering free quotes from RV rental companies around the US, and you can browse or look up any specific model you might be interested in, and the site will display all its special features and pros and cons.

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Trustedtours.com – US traveling and sightseeing

  • October 9, 2007

Trustedtours.comFeaturing the most fun and interesting tours and attractions for top US cities and locations, this site is all about mainstream tourism: the pictures you have to get, the places you must visit and the shows you can’t afford to miss. Plus you get to buy tickets for the recommended attractions at special prices, thus saving you not only money but time and hassle, taking into account that these are, after all, the most visited attractions in the US. Also interesting about Trustedtours.com is the comments area, where you can take a look at what other customers have said about the suggested locations, and check to see if you agree.

Though it is true that it might not be appealing to everyone, it sure does meet the expectations of those planning a family trip, especially if they are running short on time or having a road trip, since you are informed about the approximate time you need to visit one or other attraction.

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www.myheritage.com – Share your Family Photos

  • October 6, 2007

www.myheritage.comMyheritage.com is a growing family network you can use to create your own family tree totally for free. So, if you want to learn about your family genealogy, you can try this website out. Myheritage.com gives you the chance to share your family tree and photos, to organize family events and set up birth dates.

Myheritage.com was created to help families know more about themselves and discover their family history. This site allows members to create family trees easily. You can add each member of your family, along with photos and personal details. Moreover, you can invite your family to join and make their own family trees.

Therefore, if you are interested in family history trees, feel free to visit Myheritage.com. With this site you can create a family tree easily and upload photos and videos. In addition, you can access calendars and organize family events, set up birth dates, and much more. www.myheritage.com

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MyHeritage.com – Facial Recognition & Genealogy

  • August 17, 2007

MyHeritage.comWant to know more about your heritage? Want to create your own family website? Want to find out which celebrity you most resemble? MyHeritage is one of the coolest websites you’ll find on the Net. It provides face recognition for your photos and family tree, free genealogy software, and tools for researching your heritage and sharing it on the Internet.

Find the celebrity in you, upload a photo and discover which celebrity you resemble the most. Once the picture is uploaded, the application analyzes it, and then searches through an extensive database of some 3,200 famous people of past and present. Within moments, it delivers the names and photos of those you (or whoever’s photo you uploaded) most resemble. One thing to understand before uploading a photo though, is that the celebrities said to look like you aren’t going to be a perfect match. Some of the celebrities often change depending on the quality of the photo. The site is simply looking for similar facial features, so hair color and eye color don’t really come into it. As well as the celebrity face recognition option there are also plenty of other features to explore. Genealogy is a major aspect of the site. There is a lot of information about ancestry and ways you can find out about your family and where they came from. Users can also create community sites for their families and friends. It is like MySpace.com, but it doesn’t only belong to one person, it belongs to the entire family. Create a site for your family, share family photos, videos and news. Showcase your family tree online. Organize family events. Basic Family Pages are free and premium plans require a subscription, billed annually. You can choose the plan that best fits your needs and upgrade at any time. MyHeritage also has a powerful search engine specifically created for genealogy. It accesses public and private databases housing immigrant and census information and returns results that include alternate spellings. You can search hundreds of online genealogy databases at once, find lost ancestors and relatives you never knew you had. The family tree builder software allows you to put together your family tree, bring your family tree to life with photos, publish your family tree into your Family Pages, and share your family tree online with your relatives.

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