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  • June 24, 2008

Discernment.orgThe slogan of is the following: “Heresy happens; truth matters”.

This is the axiom that orients this organization’s lines of action. Discernment is a Christian bible-based organization that is alarmed by the actual church’s situation. Today the Church faces false teachers on every side. On any given day you can turn on Christian Television and view a wide variety of false teaching by false teachers. You can go into any Christian bookstore and purchase books published by Christian Publishers filled with horrific blasphemies, all in the name of Christ. This happens, and this organization’s mission is to denounce these facts, not only by citing the errors rampant in these teachings, but also by offering sound Biblical exposition as to why these teachings are not part of orthodox Christianity. At the homepage you will see many links that will lead you to specific sections with plenty of resources that aim to act as powerful tools to contribute this commitment.

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