Herdict.org – Web Accessibility Under Scrutiny

  • March 4, 2009

Herdict.orgWe all come across a site that we can’t access when we least expect it, and when we most need to inform ourselves. This service (presented by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University) is meant to give us all a good overview of current web accessibility conditions the world over.

Its name comes from “herd” and “verdict” blended together – that is, the verdict of those who make up the flock of internauts across the globe, and who experience first-hand any communication breakdown.

The site revolves around a Google map that showcases the sites that have been reported inaccessible as of late. This lets you quickly realize if you are the only who is having trouble trying to access a site, or if people in other parts of the world have stumbled upon the very same block.

It is interesting to mention that a bookmarklet is also available. If you procure it, you will be able to access these reports without having to open a separate browser or tab. All in all, a compelling initiative that can turn out to be a real timesaver.

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