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Budhookup.com – Legal Buds and Herbs

  • February 11, 2008

Budhookup.comThis eCommerce site is a source of legal buds, that is, herbal mixes that have a similar effect to that of marijuana, only you won’t have any messes with the authorities over it. The site caters a varied selection of buds of their own growth and combination which seems to be quite popular, as per what can be read in the testimonials section and the traffic numbers.

Other than the buds in themselves, which are shipped throughout the US and overseas with no hassle and super-discrete packaging, the site sells numerous accessories for smoking: rolling papers (regular and flavored), tips, rolling machines, pipes, scales, even drug test kits. Taking a look at the site’s FAQs you’ll learn that the herbs sold by this company are completely legal, to the extent that you’ll pass any drug test without problem. Budhookup.com

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HerbalSmokeShops.com – Legal Herbal Bud

  • December 10, 2007

HerbalSmokeShops.comThis site is dedicated to provide their customers with legal bud and herbal smoke. Their products enclose exclusive and unique selections of 100% legal exotic natural herbs, herbal resins, and botanicals that work synergistically in order to create a smoke that will make an impression.

Their products include Hawaiian gold bud, Dutch haze bud, Jamaican gold bud, Maui hybrid buds, dream smoke, black magic solid and herbal smoke combos, among others. In addition they also sell smoking accessories such as herbal vaporizers, hookahs, blunt wraps, flasks, rolling papers, and many more. Payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and E-Check. On the site you will be able to track your order. HerbalSmokeShops.com

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