More – Finding Home Service Providers

  • October 7, 2009

HelpHive.comIf you are a homeowner who is in need of any specific service, this site might just as well let you find what you need in the most harmless way of all. Basically, it lets people who render services advertise what they do and be approached by others within their community.

As far as homeowners go, HelpHive has a distinct advantage: it leverages a homeowner’s “referral network”. Such a network is made up of friends and neighbors alike, and in that way reliable local help can be found. Besides, popular social networks like Facebook are fully integrated and so are email contact systems (such as Gmail). This makes the process of learning what a friend thinks all the more easy.

On the other hand, home service providers who do their job as it should be done will have that reflected in their ratings, reviews and overall reputation and will be referred accordingly.

All in all, the premise is certainly appealing – local service providers will enjoy the exposure and homeowners will relish having the opportunity to see how these providers rank on the whole, and one against the other. Now, it is a matter of marketing the site correctly so that people can start using it and a community is actually established.

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