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  • January 7, 2011

HelpdeskApp.comAs its name suggests, this is a platform for creating helpdesks. And it must be said that it comes with all the features any support team could ever need to deal with any issue, the very same moment it manifests itself. Helpdesk App can take care of the handling of tickets and e-mail to ticket parsing, and as many help desks can be created as the user needs in order to deal with queries more quickly and accurately. And each desk can have its very own individual settings, too.

Helpdesk App is a browser-based tool. You can use it from anywhere you can access the Internet. That turns it into something really convenient. And Helpdesk App is also a really flexible tool in the sense that it can be integrated with other eCommerce systems, mail delivery applications and project/time management tools.

Several plans are offered. A free plan is featured along with three paid plans of different nature. All the paid plans come without branding, and with full customization options.

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