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  • April 16, 2008

Teensforjeans.comOne good thing about internet is it’s thousands of websites devoted to solidarity campaigns. In this case, teens for jeans it’s focused on the teen homelessness issue.

To take action, this website calls teens from USA and Canada to do something about it. The leitmotif is very simple and almost anyone can do it: give away a pair of old jeans you don’t use anymore. You can donate those old jeans to Aeropostale in any of its stores in United States or Canada and they will make sure they arrive to homeless shelters or charity centres. Unluckily, this campaign went from January 22nd to February 10th , so it’s over now. The campaign got so big that was a huge success, maybe thanks to its support from actors like Hayden Christensen (Star Wars) and Rachel Bilson (Jumper, The Last Kiss). Anyway, there are still things you can do on this website, so if you want to take action, never doubt to check this out.

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