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More – Linking Children Around the World

  • February 17, 2008 is a project that is aimed to link children all across the world. They are building an index of educational resources that are available for schools, parents and children.

Through this they are constructing a network of links to schools that are situated in many countries and publicise initiatives to help less fortunate children that live in many countries. At the site you will be able to find many categories such as sounds + spellings, projects helping kids, countries a-z, syndromes links index, happychild directory, time and space, events calendar, dolphin therapy, infinite facts, pokemon, focus, land mines, islands a-z, aesop’s fables, free items, harry potter, website shop, UFO story, twin towers, free french worksheets, learn times tables, keywords for learning, maths worksheets, USA state counties, free educational resources, news, paintbox, change a life, xmas carols, newsletter, accelerated learning with michael tipper, sioux tribes, free worksheets, games, how to do fractions, learn languages, basic reading skills, the hunger site, give water, sponsors, car washing, the rainforest site, publicity and news page.

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